Team 64 II

Team 64 Logo

Jim's effort will be a team undertaking. Here are the members of his team -- Team 64 II.

Note on the name: Jim will wear bib number 64. Ironically, this is the same number as his friend and team member, John Dodds had in 2005. John's team, of which Jim was a member, was named "Team 64." Thus, Jim's team is "Team 64 II." More on the original Team 64 is on the Team 64 Web site.

Team Members

Team 64 II in uniform
Team 64 II in its uniforms

Team 64 II is ready. Each member has Badwater experience and knows what he or she is getting into. Through the generosity of Joe Malinowski's employer, InSysCo, team members have "uniforms" that are especially designed to combat the oppressive sun.

InSysCo Logo

The shirts have special wicking ability and have a high SPF to ward off the sun. They had to be specially screened because of their advanced fiber. A big thank you to InSysCo for providing this very valuable addition to Team 64 II.

Each member of Team 64 II has a different story as to how he or she got roped into this. John Dodds's story is one of those.

One final note about team membership. All male members of the team were required to have first names that start with "J." We are sorry that a lot of you were left out by that. But it is the rule!

Team Member Profiles

Rebecca MooreRebecca Moore
Rebecca is the power behind the man. She has supported all his major runs including the out and back on the Towpath during which she accompanied Jim the entire way on a bike. She is noted for the "look" Jim gets when his ideas get a bit bizarre. Jim will do this run under an indulgence from Rebecca. Don't mess with her!

Carolyn GernandCarolyn Gernand
Carolyn provides the much-needed organization to this endeavor. Her attention to detail will be very helpful when the others are drinking beer. Carolyn has done many long runs herself including several treks of the entire W&OD bike path.

Joe MalinowskiJoe Malinowski
Joe's major purpose will be to describe how hot it is. His famous words during John Dodds's run were, "It's f_ _ _ _ ing hot!" are very memorable. Joe is a long-time ultrarunner and good guy. His good humor will be very helpful in 120+ degree weather. He has supported Jim many times before. He is also a veteran of the W&OD bike path.

John DoddsJohn Dodds
John is a Badwater veteran having finished the 2005 event in ninth place (35:25:37). John has developed sophisticated training techniques with high tech equipment. For example, his famous tire training is depicted at right. John will also supply proposed splits for Jim. And he might even write a report. Here is John's story about how he joined Team 64 II.

James MooreJames Moore
Jim is a long-time ultrarunner and good friend. Noted for his calm style and love of beer, Jim has done most of the major runs in the East. Additionally, Jim has done several major runs including the C&O Canal one way, two ways, and a run from Pittsburgh to Washington. In all of these events, Jim's strength is his ability to keep going when it gets rough.

James does this stuff because he likes to do long runs. He raises money because he is a good person. He doesn't run to raise money.