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Updates During the Event

News From California:

"Not Crying in my Beer" James called from Lone Pine. He was upbeat. He didn't feel that there was anything wrong with his training. It was just not his day. He wanted to be sure that all knew that he was fine.

The team will go back to Las Vegas and then fly home tomorrow (Thursday).

The future for James? Right now, it's just regular runs like 50 kms and JFK.

Jim on the Road
James just after the start. Photo from the Webcast. More pictures

DNF: John Dodds called at about midnight (our time). It wasn't to be. James was not moving fast enough and just was not going to finish within the 60 hour time limit. So James ended his quest at Panamint Springs and drove to Lone Pine.

Badwater is not just hard. It is a very different challenge from other runs. It requires knowledge and experience of its unique environment. It sounds like Jim did not have his eating, drinking, and pace down for this run.

James has done incredible runs. He has not always been successful. When he did the C&O Canal Towpath both ways, he had to cut out one section. James's strength is that he has the courage to set high goals and risk not attaining them. He can do this because he has a positive attitude. That attitude gets him through the runs, the success, and the lack of success.

So Jim is fine. He has had a beer and is smiling. He gave it his shot.

I bet he is thinking about next year already. Just don't tell Rebecca!

BTW: Jim gave us vicarious entertainment. He didn't blood dope, take money to not call fouls, or host a dog fight. It might be a good time to show him that you respect what he is. It's not too late to make a contribution.

Nothing from the Team: The Webcast is listing Jim as a DNF. At least in one place. While mistakes are possible, the time into Panamint Springs would make it almost impossible to finish. We have not heard anything from the team. We will post it here when we do.

4:30 AM (1:30 Death Valley Time): James left Stove Pipe Wells at 1:20 AM. He has a long uphill now, so it will be a walk for awhile. The evening is pleasant. There is a breeze. John went swimming at the hotel pool. He was so cold when he got out that he took a hot shower.

When James arrived at Stove Pipe, the timekeepers had gone. So the Webcast currently shows him in last place. He is not in last place. There were still runners at Stove Pipe when he left.

We may not hear from Team 64 until they get to Lone Pine. There are few telephones out there and no cell phone coverage. There are, however, a bunch of pictures now on the Webcast.

3 AM (Midnight Death Valley Time): James is doing fine, but it is going slowly. He arrived at Stove Pipe Wells at 11:32 PM. He is taking a nap. They are not sure how long they will let him rest. He is drinking Succeed, cold Pepsi, and eating ham and cheese. He ran (or walked) with Marshall Ullrich for awhile. Marshall is one of the legends of the Badwater run.

Based on his time so far, it will be a long time to the finish. There are no intermediate cutoffs. He must finish within 60 hours -- Wednesday, 11 PM our time. His current pace would get him there with time to spare. But one must expect that his pace will deteriorate.

It is a beautiful night with a bright moon. They are debating which planet is visible. Apparently, Carolyn guessed Jupiter. It looks like she may be right. Helpful Web site

I am supposed to call Lisa and Denise (Jim's daughters) and tell them he is fine. Will wait until the morning. If you ladies are up, he is fine!

8 PM (5PM Death Valley Time): No one said it would be easy. Just a couple of miles out of Furnace Creek (at about 19 miles), Jim started to get cramps. He took a couple of breaks and finally sat down unintentionally. (He fainted.) He put the stake in the ground. (They give each runner a stake which must go in the ground anytime a runner leaves the course.) They drove around in the air conditioned car and, finally, drove to Stove Pipe Wells.

At Stove Pipe Wells, both Jim and Joe sought medical treatment. Joe will rest there. James was driven back to his stake where he will start running again.

Dodds's analysis is that, other than the cramps, Jim is in good shape. They will get him to push water and electrolytes. It will be a long slog into Stove Pipe Wells (about 15 miles) but after that, it's just a long walk up Townes Pass.

3 PM (Noon Death Valley Time) Update: Dodds called to say that Jim has gone through Furnace Creek (17 miles) in about four hours which is, by John's magic laminated pace chart, a 48 hour pace. Jim is doing well and in good spirits. The big news is the weather. It is overcast and even drizzling. The temperature is only 107 to 110. There is also a tail wind. John says that James's finish won't count if this wussy continues!

The team had a vote and Carolyn was elected crew chief. Joe and John are just driving the back-up vehicle. Hopefully, they won't get in trouble with team management.

Joe's stone is doing fine. John pointed out to him that it's illegal to take stones out of Death Valley, but you can leave them there!

The next report should be from Stove Pipe Wells. That will be this evening. 1MoRun central may or may not stay up late enough to post anything. We need our sleep!

Sunday Report: John Dodds called on Sunday evening to report that Team 64 II is at Furnace Creek and ready to go. They arrived in Death Valley at 5:30 pm on Saturday. James is all checked in and ready to go. One team member, Joe, had an issue with a kidney stone, but that is being treated. Today is Jim's birthday. We will likely get our first report after the start from the team when Jim goes through Furnace Creek after the start. That is about 17.5 miles.

Jim will start at 11 am eastern time on Monday.

The best source of information will be the Badwater Webcast. But we will have reports from our Team 64 correspondents on the scene. Stay tuned for the full coverage! Here are pages on the Badwater Web site you may want to consult:

Event Updates: Read up from here for updates during the event.

Pre-Event Updates from Jim

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Jim Moore
Jim on the road. This picture was taken by Joe Malinowski a couple of years ago when John Dodds did Badwater.

July 17: As Joe Malinowski would say “It’s time for the Big Dance”

I completed my training for Badwater with a final workout on the weights and a relaxing session in the spa (not the sauna). Enough of that sauna stuff for now. In the final stages of training I worked on walking quite a bit and hope it will help on those three big climbs that we will face over the course. I tried to ensure that the training sessions were as much quality as quanity. I received great advice from some of the Badwater veterans (Bill LaDieu, Margie Schlundt, Stan Duobinis, and John Dodds). So now all that’s left is getting out there and doing it.

My plan of attack is to break the course into (roughly) three 45-mile stages. Hoping to average 15-minute miles in the first stage (secretly, I hope to go a little faster), 17.5 to 18 minute miles in the second stage (secretly, I hope I can maintain such a blistering pace) and close out the last stage averaging 20-minute miles (secretly, I hope I can crawl this fast). Of course this is all on a floating scale, subject to change. Priorities and goals do have a way of changing as the miles accumulate. I do hope to have fun on the course (not all the time) but most of the time.

I know that I will be well taken care of, out there, with the crew that I have. I’ve already seen how much support that I have from so many that will not be out there in person. This support is in the form of well wishes, words of wisdom, and generous donations to help fund research and treatment programs for breast cancer.

We head out Fri 20 July and hope to have “A Sweet Drink of Badwater.”

See you when we get back.

Happy Trails from Team 64 II!

July 10: Thirteen days and counting.

Today was supposed to be a full day of heat training (bake in the sauna in the morning and run in the heat in the afternoon. Well, Murphy’s law came into play. The sauna was not working and by afternoon instead of heat we had very pleasant temperatures with a light rain. I decided to run and just enjoy it. This was probably my last day of running on the road until it’s for real at Badwater. How did we run all those 10 milers and marathons on the road? I plan to keep the running base up by getting on the treadmill with the incline at the max.

My low tech stratergy for completing Badwater is to:

Team Shirts
Team 64 II members in there InSysCo-provided shirts

We held our Team 64 II crew meeting on Saturday 7 July, I was able to get signatures for all the required waivers from the crew. Anstr Davidson, Brenda Davidson and Kathy Malinowski were there to witness it. At the meeting we were presented with our “uniforms” courtesy of Joe Malinowski’s employer InSysCo. Many, many thanks to InSysCo.

Jun 29: Twelve days of serious heat training is now behind me, with a few more to go. I find sitting in the sauna (30 min at 120 degrees) not as bad as I expected. I go through a 20 0z bottle of water in 15 min, step out to get a fresh bottle and then get back in and bake another 15 min. Along with getting the heat on my body, I’m getting my body used to processing large amounts of water. It’s more used to processing large amounts of beer in the old fashion way. I like the sauna much better than running in "layers" of clothing. Maybe it’s because I just sit instead of actually running.

I’m on a much needed rest day (or maybe two) from the heat training. I ran/walked ten miles on Tue (26 Jul) in shorts and T-shirt and it felt like heaven. I’ve backed down on the mileage (running) a bit but increased the walking. I will be doing a lot of walking at Badwater.

Team 64 Logo

The confidence level is high and the excitement grows each day. Next update will post expected arrival times at checkpoints, the finish line and when that first beer will go down.

Jun 18: Today begins the "real" training for Badwater. The team has been assembled and the logistics are coming together. Rebecca Moore, Carolyn Gernand, Joe Malinowski, John Dodds and myself make up our team. Somehow my bib number for the ‘07 Badwater (64) is the same number that John Dodds had in the ’05 Badwater. That year we were Team 64. This year we are Team 64 II. (Will there be a team 64 III and IV – Joe??, Carolyn??).

I’ve been putting in the miles and running in layers to ease into this heat training stuff. Today I start a 30-day heat-training schedule beginning with 30 minutes in the sauna at 110 degrees and working my way up to 45 minutes at 180 degrees.

Pre-Event Updates: I will post periodic updates on our progress. Hope you check in on us is a few days. Read up from here.